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Gazelle XX411



    1. Early Days
    2. Journey South
    3. 21st May 1982
    4. Memorial
    5. Recovery
    6. 3BAS Citation
    7. Sgt Candlish Award


    1. Before Restoration
    2. Restoration
    3. Restoration
    4. Restoration
    5. Restoration
    6. Restoration
    7. Restoration

Falklands 25th Anniversary

    1. Waddington Arrival
    2. Falklands 25 Ceremony
    3. Museum Stand Visitors

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Falklands Photos

    Bill Belcher

Royal Marine Gazelle XX411 Introduction

The museum's Falklands Gazelle XX411 before and after restoration, click on the photos to enlarge.

Westland Gazelle GR1 XX411 was shot down by Argentinian troups in the Falklands War on 21st May 1982, crash-landing into the sea off Port San Carlos. Its pilot Sgt Andy Evans RM was rescued by co-pilot Sgt Eddy Candlish RM but died of gunshot wounds 20 minutes later.

Another Gazelle, XX402 was sent to search for the downed helicopter and also came under ground fire killing it's crew Lt. Ken Francis RM and Lance Corporal Pat Giffin RM.

XX411 was recovered in October 1982 and used for BDR (battle damage repair training) before being bought by members of Aeroventure / South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum as a future restoration project.

It is the purpose of this website and the project to restore XX411 to form a fitting tribute to the men that served their country in the Falklands War and memorial to those that lost their lives.

On 30th June 2007 a Falklands War 25th Anniversary service was held at RAF Waddington. Freshly restored XX411 was used as the parade centerpiece on which wreath's were laid.

The service was well attended with visitors including Baroness Thatcher, senior RAF officers and Falklands Veterans including Eddy Candlish and Bill Belcher who both survived being shotdown.

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