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XS897 Fitting Cockpit

XS897 Tail, belly tank and radar fitted

XS897 How She looked in service

XR754 How She looked in service

14/07/02 XS897 Fitting Cockpit

Stuart stands by XS897 to give a sense of scale. Adding the cockpit and tail will nearly double the size of the aircraft.

At this stage we thank Nigel Porembski who worked on bringing the cockpit up to such a high standard ready for fitting to the fuselage.

A real 'we built it ourselves - from matchsticks' moment - from left to right, Stuart, Chris, Roy and Mike with John upstairs taking a well-earned tea break following the cockpit attachment.

Now on her own three feet (sorry undercarriage) for the first time in fifteen years, XS897 is starting to look again like the proud Mach 2 fighter airplane she once was.

09/09/02 XS897 Tail, belly tank and radar fitted

Fitting off tail and belly tank completed.

Tail, belly tank and radar fitted, the race is now on to waterproof the airframe before the bad weather sets in.

Head-on view, no mistaking her location.

1960's Lightning meets 1950's Hunter.

F6 Lightning meets F3 Lightning.

We had XS897's cockit open for visitors during our 2005 open cockpit day.

As of late 2006 XS897 is outwardly complete and has now been repainted.

Latest news:- In June 2009 XS897 was sold by its private owner and has now been moved to another location

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