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XS897 Fitting Cockpit

XS897 Tail, belly tank and radar fitted

XS897 How She Looked in Service

XR754 How She Looked in Service

08/04/08 Glenn Reay remembers taking photos of XR754 and other Lightnings while they were in service and has kindly let me use his photos

I will let Glenn take up the story:-

Hi Jim,

I thought you might be interested in seeing these 4 pictures of Lightning F6 XR 754

The first 2 were taken around 1984 when the aircraft was operating with 5 Squadron, it is seen here on a cold ,wet, and foggy, day {typical Binbrook weather,!!} Taxying back to the pan after a sortie, you will see that this aircraft sported a Sharks Mouth insignia, on these 2 pics, the last pic was taken late 1988 shortly before the Lightnings disbanded, this picture is on final approach to Landing on the opposite side of the runway,, and you can see on the tail that the aircraft was operating with 11 Sqn, before disbandment, its coded BC here on the tail, another shot is seen taxying back to the pan again on a slightly better day,!!

please feel free to use them as display if you wish.

kind regards
Glenn Reay Esq. ps The pilots name on the side of the cockpit on the BC' pic as it taxys back in is Flt Lt G.N. RAE my name is .....G.N. REAY,!!!....close....


Wonderful photos Glenn, thanks very much, Jim

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