Sunday 25th January 2015



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Hawker Hunter F51 E-424

29/08/09 Hunter E-424 Clean-up

On the 29th August it was time to give our Hawker Hunter F51 E-424 a clean-up. Here Bill is helping me set up.

Aircraft don't like being left outside in all weathers. E-424 and the surrounding area had acquired a thick coat of algee and moss.

After a number of buckets of water and a lot of elbow grease most of the skin was clean again.

I really am feeling tired and rung out!

Phil, John and I also removed three heaped wheel barrow loads of moss and gave the tarmac area a good sweep down.

Whilst not perfect we were pleased with the 8 man hours of scrubbing and sweeping. E-424 is now due for some more red paint to blend in the patched areas.

If you are interested in aircraft and can spare a few hours to help out, why not get involved?

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